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Ben jij BIJ1 ?

Take action and participate
for radical equality.




BIJ1 stands for a military policy based on protecting our core values: the values of a social society built on equality, freedom and justice. This means that we don’t want to invest in war and violence. Instead of military action, we want to focus on aid driven by solidarity with victims of violence and their needs. In doing so, we seek de-escalation and disarmament. We are putting an end to the current neo-colonial interference for the sake of trade interests and cash flows. The right to self-determination and support for anti-imperialist resistance are important values of our defence policy.


Warfare is an evil means of power. Through military intervention, Western countries and their industries want to gain influence in other countries for their own gain. This happened in colonial Dutch history, but it is also still happening today. Western countries have been waging war for decades in order to expand their markets and expand their political, economic and military supremacy. Their hunger for raw materials and profit drives them to do so.

The Netherlands allows itself to be dragged into wars for the sake of trade interests. The West says it is starting these wars in order to bring freedom, democracy and human rights to areas where they do not yet exist. However, these same fundamental rights are still being threatened and curbed by us and our allies. These wars are at the cost of many human lives.

We want to invest in the protection of unconditional freedom, self-determination, de-escalation and disarmament, in order to put an end to wars and the associated industries.


  1. The Netherlands will withdraw from all international conflicts and supports resistance to imperialist exploitation and oppression.
  2. The Netherlands will seek rapprochement with countries that base their international policy on peace, international justice and the right of peoples to self-determination.
  3. Anyone who starts a war under false pretences is faced with political and economic consequences. We will force restoration of humanitarian, infrastructural and psychological damage. Humanitarian aid is provided to the inhabitants of countries where war is being waged on unjustified grounds. We make a distinction between the political regimes and the inhabitants of a country.
  4. We are downsizing our armed forces in order to eventually replace them with a civil aid organisation. In the event of an emergency, we promote the exchange of specialised aid between countries.
  5. The Netherlands is withdrawing from imperialist ΝΑΤΟ and will no longer be taking part in ΝΑΤΟ wars. The increase in defence spending imposed by ΝΑΤΟ will be reversed. The money released will be used for social purposes.
  6. The Netherlands prefers to act in a UN context, with reconstruction, peacekeeping and peacekeeping as its objective. These operations should not serve to set up skewed trade relations between the country in question and the Dutch business community. No conditions are attached to emergency aid.
  7. The Netherlands will not participate in the creation of a European army and retains self-determination over its own troops.
  8. There will be generous reparations and reparations to victims of Dutch actions overseas.
  9. We impose severe penalties on mercenaries who fight in foreign wars. We monitor all those who join violent groups abroad, including the Israeli army.
  10. Warriors who join foreign battles in defence of the values of freedom and self-determination are protected.


  1. Nuclear weapons must be banned around the world. Starting in the Netherlands. The Netherlands adheres to arms control and disarmament treaties and shows itself to be an ambassador for these treaties.
  2. We will put an end to the Netherlands as a tax haven for arms producers and the industry of military technologies. We will ban the establishment of arms companies in the Netherlands and impose high taxes on the existing arms industry as long as it has not been transformed.
  3. We will encourage the use of developed technical knowledge in the arms industry for the civil industry.
  4. We will put an end to the supply and resupply of arms and military technology to countries or groups that violate human rights.
  5. The orders of all undelivered fighter jets (JSF’s) and submarines will be cancelled. Those that have already been delivered will be disassembled and parts will be used for other technical and civil purposes.
  6. No soldiers will be deployed against people, including refugees and migrants. The Military Constabulary will become part of the police force. The National Reserve is transformed into a (domestic) civil disaster organisation.
  7. In primary and secondary education, continued attention will be paid to peace education. Advertisements to encourage young people to join the military will be banned.


  1. We ensure good (mental) health care for military personnel and veterans.
  2. Efforts will be made to combat racism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, sexism, sexual and gender-based violence, macho behaviour and other forms of repression within the organisation of the armed forces.
  3. People with extreme right-wing views should not be allowed as part of the armed forces. The armed forces must be imbued with democratic values. Anyone who holds right-wing extremist views is diametrically opposed to these values.
  4. Anyone who refuses to fight in wars overseas won’t be punished. There will be (posthumous) rehabilitation for past conscientious objectors.
  5. The suspended compulsory attendance will be changed into a general abolition of compulsory military service. There will be no introduction of social or community service.

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